This project is meant for developing the pupils’ statistical literacy and as a supplementary means for the teachers of mathematics, geography, informatics, as well as those using statistical concepts and information in class.

We invite the teachers who have prepared some projects, abstracts or additional tasks to share them with us: please email your contact information to info@stat.gov.lt. Received information will be published in a section for teachers Downloadable material.
E-lessons in statistics cover 4 topics:
Explanations about what is statistics and what it is used for, how statistical information is obtained and presented, etc. are provided.
Explanations about how to conduct an unsophisticated statistical survey, collect and manage data, as well as how to present results are provided.
Information about more sophisticated statistical surveys, data collection from documents, complex diagrams is provided.
Information about variational series, as well as about how to calculate an average, determine a mode and a median is provided.